A Happy Healthy Puppy for Your Growing Family

Looking for an addition to your family? Mini-Dachshunds from Piglet Mom's Pups are the perfect family pets! Adopt a puppy today!

dachshund puppy with his tongue out

The Dachshund Breed

Dachshunds originate from Germany and were originally bred to hunt badgers. In fact, that’s what their name means--badger hunter. Today, dachshunds are lovely additions to your family. Thinking about adopting? Give me a call. 

Our Dogs

We take pride in all the dogs that come from our happy, healthy home. We are a small business located in Freeland, MI. Our dogs are AKC certified. Take a puppy home today!


"I love my precious dachshund so much! Lynne provided us with two happy, healthy puppies that continue to enrich our lives."


"Andy is like a best friend to me. I bring him everywhere. Thank you for the happy, healthy puppy, Lynne!"


"These dogs are so well adjusted. Our last dog was extremely anxious. Lynne's puppies are a great addition to families with small spaces."